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The Blickensderfer typewriter was invented by George C. Blickensderfer around 1893, and won fame at the World's Columbian Exhibition of the same year, where the light and portable machines kept up with much heavier typewriters like the Hammond and Caligraph.

The Blickensderfer model 5 and subsequent models used a type element -- a vulcanized-rubber head with what was essentially stamps on its outside faces-- to print.

No instances of the Blickensderfer models 1 thru 4 are known to exist. They were longer, elaborately-shelled typewriters that used a similar typeball mechanism.

Please see a specific model below:

  • Blickensderfer No. 1
  • Blickensderfer No. 2
  • Blickensderfer No. 3
  • Blickensderfer No. 4
  • Blickensderfer No. 5
  • Blickensderfer No. 6
  • Blickensderfer No. 7