Underwood 4-Bank Standard Portable

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The Underwood 4-Bank Standard Portable was the first portable typewriter produced by Underwood.

Underwood Standard 4-Bank Portable

Inventor:Alfred Gustav Franz Kurowski
A first-year Underwood 4-Bank.
General Information
Company: Underwood
Type: Manual Portable
Produced: 1925-1938
Fate: Succeeded by the Champion, Universal, and later designs.
Rebrands: None
Notes: Featured in Violet Evergarden


As a result of the 1920 Remington Portable No. 1 -- the first portable typewriter with 4 rows of keys-- making the existing Underwood 3-Bank Standard Portable somewhat obsolete, Underwood decided to develop a portable typewriter with 4 rows of keys. [1] Underwood designer Kurowski was told to develop a portable typewriter similar to the 3-Bank portable design. The Underwood Portable began production in 1926 and was highly successful, with over 1.25 million produced. [1]


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