Special Characters

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Cost-cutting measures and the limitations of keyboard size meant that most typewriters won't have every symbol one may want to write.

This is a starter list of how to make special characters. Photos in different typefaces will be added when we actually get enough server space...

$ S <backspace> /
¢ c <backspace> /
£ f <backspace> _
ç c <backspace> ,
= - <backspace & rotate platen slightly> -
- <backspace & rotate platen slightly> - <backspace> /
1 l (Use a lower case L for 1.)
! ' <backspace> .
Ø or ø O or o <backspace> /
Æ or æ A or a <nudge the carriage back slightly> E or e
þ b <backspace> p
đ d <backspace> t
÷ - <backspace> :
§ <roll platen slightly up> S <backspace & roll platen down> S <return platen to original position>
Ł or ł L (or l) <backspace> /

é,á,ó,ú e or a or o or u <backspace> ‘ (apostrophe)