Blickensderfer 6 Type Cylinder

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Type cylinders are specific to the keyboard layout. When looking for additional ones online, check the layout unless you want to learn a new one with no key labels.

These type cylinders are made of a hardened rubber that ages over time and become brittle. Do not drop them, as they may shatter. Also, clean after each use with a soft damp cloth by patting rather than wiping. If more cleaning is needed, use a very small amount of a non-citrus or petroleum based dish detergent in water with a soft toothbrush, rinse with cool water, then pat dry. Examples of detergent not to use: Dawn, Joy. Examples of safe detergents: Seventh Generation Free and Clear, Method. All detergents like this do have some citric acid, so use sparingly and rinse clean quickly. Do not soak in water, as this can break down the rubber. Also store somewhere dark unless your display has UV blocking film or glass.

Each cylinder should have a small metal clip at the top centered on the central shaft of the cylinder. To remove from the machine, spin this clip one hole to the left or right and lift the cylinder. To attach a new cylinder, look for the small hole on the bottom. This goes on the flat piece next to the center shaft on the machine. Place the cylinder evenly on both and it should drop into place. Spin the clip back, so it catches under the lip of the flat metal piece that went through the smaller hole. If this clip is missing, your alignment will usually be off, and CAP and FIG will not work properly. You can make one with a small piece of wire.

Blick Type Cylinder