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The We R Memory Keepers, often referred to as simply the Memory Keepers, is a modern typewriter manufactured by the Shanghai Weilv Mechanism Company of China. It is the last modern manual typewriter to be in serial production and is sold under a variety of names, including "Rover", "Maplefield", "Royal Classic" and Royal Epoch. [1] The type's generally poor build quality and lack of quality control have made it something of a joke or meme in the typewriter community, and purchasing it, especially at MSRP, is usually not recommended.[2]


The We R Memory Keepers is a large, plastic-shelled, segment-shifted portable typewriter. Much of the machine is plastic, including the outer shell, shift-bearing tracks, ribbon drive, and on certain models, even the segment. The large plastic shell is held on by pressure and 4 screws. The segment, typebars, and linkages is usually made of light metal.


The design that would become the We R Memory Keepers originated as the Olympia Carina II and Nakajima ALL Model 800 in the 1970s. [3]