Royal Epoch

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The Royal Epoch is a Chinese-built copy of the Olympia Carina II, which also appears under the Adler and We R Memory Keeper names. Poor quality control and design generally prevents this machine from functioning well.

The We R Memory Keepers looks different because of a shell redesign, but it is the same mechanically. It is a common option sold by Amazon and Michael's stores in the United States. Almost all collectors will recommend staying away from them.

__=== History===__

The Olympia Carina II was originally built in Japan and sold under the Olympia name by Nakajima, before that company primarily focused on cheap electronic word processing devices.

Sometime around 2013, the dies for the Olympia Carina II were bought by Chinese company Shanghai Weilv. Manufacture continued under Shanghai Weilv, but quality control decreased significantly. Produced machines were sold under the "Adler Epoch", "We R Memory Keepers" and "Royal Epoch" names. As of 2020, bulk orders (100+ machines) can still be placed to Shanghai Weilv.

__=== Mechanics ===__

The Carina II and its derivatives are large, plastic-shelled, segment-shifted portables. Much of the machine is plastic, including the outer shell, shift-bearing tracks, ribbon drive, and on certain models, even the segment. The large plastic shell is held on by pressure and 4 screws.