To-Do List

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This is an orphaned page and probably should remain that way so that we can work on adding new things, without people having an expectation to eventually find something that may take a while to get completed. Feel free to add what you think this Wiki needs to this page. If you write an article, when you finish the article, please link it to the appropriate articles in the Wiki and cross it off of this list by typing the word “Done” so that we know an article about this topic has been started and if we want to make edits, we can. These are just suggestions. If you guys have a better idea for how to manage and maintain this list, please feel free to make changes!

1. What happens if you have shipping damage

2. Parts catalogue

3. Upload Remington catalogue

4. Torpedo

5. Corona 3 stub page. (DONE!)

6. Link unlinked pages to the typewriter list (there are a bunch of articles submitted that have not been linked to the Typewriter list.)

7. Noise Reduction addition to the “How to use your new/old typewriter” page. (DONE!)

8. Add more images of member machines to existing articles.

10. Electric vs. Manual vs. Electronic Typewriters

11. Olympia

12. Olivetti

13. Adler

14. IBM

15. Add more typefaces to the typefaces article and maybe a couple of type samples, for the sake of completeness?

16. Princess/Madame/Scheidegger

17. Triumph

18. Add some links for more information for new typewriter enthusiasts, like links to Munk’s and Polt’s websites, which have manuals and repair guides and etc?

19. Typing surfaces: Vintage Typewriter desks, typewriter tables. How to find them and how to buy them and what to do if you can’t find one. Alternative typing surface options?

20. Link sub articles about the various Royal models to it.

DONE-- 9. How to tell an all original machine from a rebuild. (DONE and EDITED -- )