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Welcome to the Typewriter Wiki.
..the wiki for old writing machines!.
..featuring 172 pages!

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We are a small group of typewriter enthusiasts that are trying to get some common information written down and preserved for all to see. Please note that this is NOT to replace the Typewriter Database or Wikipedia, but instead is an effort to expand on those great resources. This site was created by the Typewriter Discord server, so if you would like to help out, go there and ask in the #typewriterwiki channel. Here's an invite.

Please note that the Typewriter Wiki is still quite new, so please excuse our dust as we complete pages and add more content.

Getting Started


Buying A Typewriter

My First Typewriter

Repair and Maintainence


Repair and Maintenance

Typewriter List


An alphabetical list of brands and models can be found in the article Category:Typewriter. Each entry in this list is a link to a page containing historical and technical information about that specific typewriter model.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and is being updated periodically.

Highlights: Machines We Love

Brand Page

Use this page to search for machines based off branding, instead of just the massive list of typewriters thrown at your face.
Category:Typewriter Brands


Images of typewriters from the wiki:

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