Hermes 3000

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The Hermes 3000 is a series of large portable typewriters produced by E. Paillard and Cie S.A. of Switzerland. Noted for their mint-green color schemes, high prices and popularity as a result of their mentioning by renowned actor Tom Hanks, they are generally accepted to be good writing machines, with a distinctly smooth and consistent touch.

Hermes 3000s are generally split into 3 generations.

The first type, produced from 1958 through 1965/66 has a distinct 'curvy' look, and a metal shell. These were made in Switzerland.

First generation

The second variant, produced from 1966 through 1970 are more squared off, but still retained a metal shell and were still made in Switzerland.

The third variant, produced from 1970 until the end of production in the late seventies are very boxy and have a plastic shell. These retained all of the features of the earlier models but were a cost-reduced version, and production was shifted to France.

Third generation


The Hermes 3000 was introduced in 1958 as a successor for the earlier Hermes 2000 and production continued through till 1979, although information is sparse about the latter years. Production took place in Switzerland and later Hungary and France. [1]

The Hermes 3000 was a complete redesign compared to the earlier Hermes 2000. MSRP was $129.50 in 1965.

Common Issues

The flip-out paper rest on the back of the carriage can get stuck in the closed position, due to deteriorated self-adhesive foam pads that just turn into glue over time. Then, when someone attempts to flip the paper rest fingers out while one is stuck, one of them will tend to get bent, as they are linked together. The paper rest can be gently pried away from the back of the carriage and then the residue can be removed using a sharp edge. 91% isopropyl alcohol seems to do a good job of dissolving it too. It is recommended to do this with the rear panel removed from the carriage, so as to not drop any solvents or bits of foam into the typewriter.

The platen knobs on the first and second generation Hermes 3000 machines are notoriously fragile, and are often cracked or broken. Replica replacements are available from a number of sources online, although quality may vary.

The rear panel of the carriage, to which the paper rest is attached may be loose due to missing screws. It is secured to the machine by a pair of M3x0.5 pitch screws, 5mm in length with slotted pan heads. Screws matching this spec are quite readily available in most hardware stores, although you may have to settle for Phillips vs slotted, or flat head vs pan. In that case, it would be recommended to use a washer so that the conical flat head doesn't damage the hole on the back of the carriage end caps.