Remington Portable No. 1

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The Remington Portable No. 1 was Remington's first portable typewriter design.Introduced in October 1920, the Remington Portable was the first portable typewriter with a 4-row keyboard and was highly successful. An estimated 400 000 were made through to Jan. 1925.

Remington Portable No.1

Inventor:John H. Barr
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General Information
Company: Remington
Type: ManualPortable
Produced: 1920-1925
Fate: Succeeded by the Remington Portable No. 2
Rebrands: Smith Premier Portable
Notes: Uses special spools

Basic Info




The Remington Portable no. 1 was offered in Elite and Pica typefaces. No special typefaces are known to have been offered.

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