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The Fox Typewriter Co

The Fox Typewriter Co. was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the late 1800's. The machines made by Fox were very similar Remington typewriters made around the same time. Fox's copying of other machines eventually lead to their downfall, as the company was sued for the Fox portable typewriter, which closely resembled the Corona 3 bank made by the Corona Typewriter Company. The company attempted to survive the aftermath of the lawsuit, but was eventually dissolved as nobody had the capital to revive it.


Note that "[number] - [number]" stands for the range of numbers, as Fox numbered their machines sequentially as carriage sizes increased. It would be a waste of space to list each individually.

Name Date Range Description & Rarity -
Fox 1 & 2 1898-1900 The Fox 1 and Fox 2 Standards were the first typewriters manufactured by Fox. These machines are rather rare, as few were made. -
Fox 10 1898-1906 The export name for the Fox 1 through 3. -
Fox 3 - 8 1901-1905 The Fox 3 through 8 standard typewriters are all the same base machine with different carriage widths, increasing in size as the number increased. The Fox 3 (and it's derivatives) are all improvements on the Fox 2. -
Fox 23 1906-1911 The Fox 23 is the first Visible Fox standard typewriter. -
Fox 24 - 28 1907-1911 The Fox 24 - 28 is basically a Fox 23 but with larger carriage sizes and more keys. -
New Fox 24 - 28 1912-1921 These would be the last standards made by the Fox typewriter company before they essentially dissolved from the lawsuit. They are improved versions of the previous 24 - 28s. Note that the 23 ceased production in favor of the 24 as the smallest size Fox standard. -
Rapid 10 1909 The Rapid Standard Typewriter is essentially a Fox 23 but with a different name.


Name Date Range Description -
Fox Portable 1 1917-1919 The Fox Portable No. 1 is the first portable designed by a US Manufacturer to complement a line of standard typewriters. The carriage of the machine folds down behind the frame to lower the height of the machine for transport. -
Fox Portable 2 1920 The Fox Portable No. 2 is the improved version of the Fox Portable No. 1. This machine initiated the lawsuits between Corona Typewriter Co. and Fox -
Fox Sterling 1921-1922 The final iteration of the Fox Portable design. This machine did away with the folding carriage, opting for a stationary one instead. -