IBM Electromatic

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An IBM Electromatic Typewriter

History & Basic Info

The IBM Electromatic is the first widely produced & successful standard electric typewriter. They are descended from the 1920's Remington Electric. These machines are very large and very heavy. They are not rare, but they aren't exactly a dime a dozen either.

Common Issues

Because of the nature of this design, a lot of problems on this machine can be caused by a bad power roller. Since these machines are 70+ years old, the power roller is almost guaranteed to be hard and or cracked. These typewriters are tanks, but they aren't immune to the weather, so watch out for rust too. These will also most likely be equipped with a line cord or an old rubber cord to the motor, which will most likely have to be replaced.


As of 1/24/2021, there do not seem to be any manuals available for this machine.