Oliver 7, 8, 9, & 10

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History & General

The Oliver No. 9 is the most common model of Oliver, with over 500 000 built. Its direct predecessors or derivatives include the Model 7 (8), and 10.

  • The Model 7 is mechanically similar to the Oliver model 9. The difference is that the 7 only has one FIG key on the left side of the machine. It carries both shifts, however.
  • The Model 8 is, keeping with Oliver export tradition, the export model of the Model 7 and is mechanically identical to it.
  • The model 10 is the export model of the Model 9 and is mechanically identical to it.

Distinctive features of the Oliver Model 9 (and its derivatives)

The Oliver 9 is sort of the "base model" in this generation of Oliver Standard Typewriters. It has two shifts on either side of the keyboard, a tabulator, a backspacer, and a pen or pencil holder. These are often found with Oliver's "Printype" Typeface as well. The Oliver 7 is just like the Oliver 9, but it does not have a FIG shift on the right hand side of the keyboard. The Oliver 8 and 10 are the export models of the Oliver 7 and 9, respectively.

Common Issues

Olivers are very hardy typewriters, but they are not immune to the elements. Usually, the unique shape of the bottom frame of the machine protects the internals from dust buildup, but not rust. They are also often found with missing or broken keys, faded decals, and snapped drawbands. The nickel on these typewriters is often tarnished as well.