Smith Corona "Flattop"

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The Smith-Corona "Flattop" was the successor to the Corona 4 and represented a total redesign of the Smith-Corona portable line. They came in 2 main variations: the Standard, which came in a short- and medium- length return lever, and the Silent, the higher-grade version with a tabulator system, paper-table extensions, and a curved return lever. They tend to be viewed quite highly, noted for their light touch and segment-shift.

A "Standard" Flattop

History & Basic Info

Smith Corona "Flattops" succeeded the Corona 4 in 1931 and was built until 1941. Known as the "1 series" as their serial numbers started with the prefix 1C [Standard], 1A [Sterling], or 1S [Silent], the Flattop was a complete redesign from the Corona 4. Smith-Corona designed new linkage and escapement systems, and an extremely light segment shift marketed as the "Floating Shift" mechanism.

The Flattop was marketed in 3 colors: black, burgundy-maroon, and green, and initially sold for $60 in 1933.


  • Animal Key: Smith-Corona marketed certain flattops with animal images on the keys to promote children learning touch-typing. This variation is quite rare and tends to carry a MUCH larger price-tag.

Common Issues

The typebar linkages tend to come off rather easily on these machines, but are very easy to reattach with just a screwdriver. These machines are very mechanically sound and reliable, so they tend to age very well. Smith Corona Typewriter Typebar Links Off, Repair, Reattach, Straighten, Adjust | Phoenix Typewriter on Reattaching Linkages

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