Woodstock No. 3 & No. 4

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History & Basic Info

The Woodstock Number and Number 4 were made from 1914 until about 1917 as the sucessor to the Emerson typerwiter. After J.C. Roebuck bought the Emerson typewriter company and moved production to Woodstock, IL, the company was renamed the Woodstock Typewriter Company. After a few years of Emerson production, the design was scrapped and a new typewriter was developed from the ground up. This new design became the Woodstock number 3 and number 4. The machines were introduced in an already-full typewriter market, but still managed to do well. These machines featured a bichrome color selector, a ball bearing carriage, a tabualtor, and a half-space escapement. These designs were eventually replaced by the Woodstock No.5 & 5N.

Common problems

These machines seem to be rather solid, and should not need more than a drawband replacement. The ball bearing carriage is rather difficult to replace, so it is advised not to take them off.