Blickensderfer No. 6

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Blickensderfer No. 6

History and General Info

The Blickensderfer No. 6 typewriter is a remake of the Blickensderfer No. 5 cast in aluminum. This made it 2 pounds lighter than its predecessor, but slowed down the production considerably, as aluminum casting was not advanced at the time. The first No. 6 was produced in 1902 and sold for $50 USD.

1911 Blickensderfer No. 6

Common Issues

The most common issue with these typewriters is getting gummed up over time with tar from cigars, pipes, and cigarettes and general dust. They also suffer from overzealous oiling that attracts dirt. Almost all issues can be fixed with a thorough cleaning.

The other common issue is major difficulty in putting the "type head" back on correctly after removing it for a deep cleaning when the mechanism cannot be fully freed without dismantling the machine. See Cleaning and Maintenance for tips on how to reassemble.


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