Oliver Typewriters

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History & Basic Info

The Oliver Typewriter Company was founded in Massachusetts by Reverend Thomas Oliver in 1893. From there, they moved to Chicago, Illinois, and manufacturing was moved to Woodstock, Illinois. Later, the company moved to England, where they were later dissolved. The Oliver is characterized by two type bar "towers" on the left and right side of the machine. It is a downstrike model of typewriter, as the typebars come down from the side and strike in the middle of the platen. They also have 3 bank keyboards. Oliver typewriter models progress as follows: Oliver 1, 2, Oliver 3 & 4, Oliver 5 & 6, Oliver 7, 8, 9, & 10, British Olivers, and finally Oliver Branded Standards and the Oliver Courier.

Common Issues

These typewriters are very hardy, and the style of the frame allows for good protection of the mechanics inside. These machines are very mechanically reliable. These are often found with tarnished nickle accents and damaged decals. Another thing to watch out for is a broken starwheel, as they can be fragile. Broken and/or missing keys are common sights on rough Olivers, as they are made of plastic.


Oliver 5 User's Manual Oliver 9 & 11 User's Manual