Remington Portable No. 3

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The Remington Portable No. 3 was a portable typewriter designed by Remington in the late 1920s. As an improvement on the Remington Portable No. 2. The first introduction of a paragraph key. It did well and an approximately 300,000 were produced.


approx. 300,000
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Basic Info

Remington's Portable #3 an improvement on the older Portable #2 made from Dec. 1928 to June. 1938. The improvements the Portable #3 had been that the typebars could rest at a 15* angle and also was the first introduction of the paragraph key, a key that could automatically advance the carriage 5 spaces (also labeled "Self Starter" on some models and specimens).



The Remington Portable No. 3 had a wide variety of models. Various differences can be that: Metal Lip Marked "Remington" be "Remington 3". Paragraph Key labeled as "Self Starter". Paper Bail on earlier models compared to later models which all have paper fingers. Having no lowercase is also a uniqueness of some models as well.


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