Smith Corona Speedline

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History & Basic Information

The Smith Corona Speedline portables span the 2 series, 3 series, and 4 series Smith Corona Portables. The Speedline name is based off the streamlined style of shell (in contrast to the Smith Corona "Flattop"'s square body). They are equipped with a parallel key action, which holds the key parallel with the writing surface throughout the entire keypress. These machines can be found with a variety of paint jobs, return lever sizes, and names. They are common and reliable machines, but tend to be somewhat overpriced.

Common Issues

These machines were plastered with very weak decals, which are often either destroyed or in very bad condition. As with the Smith Corona Flattops, these also have similarly detachable linkages that tend to come off rather easily, but are easily reinstalled. Machines equipped with tabulators are often found missing a few or all of their tab stops. Smith Corona Typewriter Typebar Links Off, Repair, Reattach, Straighten, Adjust