Woodstock/R.C. Allen

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The Woodstock Typewriter Co. was formed out of the Emerson Typewriter Co after it was bought by J.C. Roebuck and moved to Woodstock, IL. These machines are generally solid typewriters, and well-regarded.


Name Date Range Description & Rarity -
Woodstock No. 3 & No. 4 1914-1917 The first production model of the redesigned Emerson Typewriter. The 3 is the standard correspondence model and the 4 is the wide carriage version. These machines are easily recognizable by their fancy paper table decals. -
Woodstock No. 5 & 5N 1916-1950 This is the most common style of Woodstock typewriter. This model of typewriter went through several shell design changes, and eventually added a basket shift. -
R.C. Allen 600, 700, & 800 1950-1958 These R.C. Allen typewriters are essentially Woodstock 5s but with a different skin. They are usually found in grey crinkle with green plastic accents. They are supposed to have a plastic cover over the front frame of the typewriter, but these are often missing because they are easily broken. -
R.C. Allen Visomatic I & II 1958-1967 The final production model of the R.C. Allen typewriter. These are sometimes found in Blue or Red, but are more often found in cream with tan accents. -

Portables & Ultraportables

There are no known Woodstock portables (one is suspected, but not confirmed) and one RC Allen portable that is a rebranded Halburg traveller.